February 22, 17
I added in 3 tentative PD Days; 1 in May, June, and July.  They will be tentative for likely the next month.  I will have Tom confirm that he can get the days off as well before removing the tentative.   

February 14, 17
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!
Update:  I had my dates mixed up and Tom leaves this weekend for the 3 week course.  I have a lot of appointment/errands that must be done this week, so please don't be suprised if I'm not here at pick up over the next 4 weeks.  I'll be doing most during quiet time, but if they run late, then I may not get back on time.

February 6, 17
A couple of updates:

Summer vacay:  Unfortunately we might be later than normal figuring out Tom's summer leave this year due to Tom potentially being posted :(  Tom met with his career mangler last month and was told that they aren't sure whether or not he is staying at his current posting (as it may no longer be a Military Police position) or moving to a different unit in Ottawa.  Of course, in typical military fashion posting season isn't until April (or later because we are a non-move posting), which means we have to wait until Tom has a posting message to confirm posting and meets his new boss before he can request his summer leave :( 

The next 3 weeks:  Tom will be away on course.  The girls and I will be down to the van and Carissia's barely working car.  This means while Tom is away to keep daycare functioning, I will need to do my daycare errands during the day so that Sammy can have the van in the evenings for work/dance.  I won't be putting all the errands into the calendar, because when I get a chance to run errands will be based on how the kiddies day is going.  Please don't be shocked if I've popped out during quiet time or the end of the day.

January 6,
It's 2017!!!

You may have notice the calendar has a new look!  The pages have and information can still be found under the same tabs.  This tab will have more detailed information regarding changes that occur in the monthly pages.  I try to give as much notice as possible, but in doing so, sometimes things change.  This page will help keep track of those changes so that you have the most updated information.  The PD days tab is a quick reference for PD Days.  If the PD day hasn't occurred yet it's in grey.  The Sick Day tab is a quick reference to keep track of daycare closures under the sick category.  The important Dates tab is a quick reference for holidays, summer closure, and winter closures.  These tabs can also be used to cross-reference the information in the monthly pages just in case there is a discrepancy.  Please do your best to check the calendar regularly, it is your responsibility to keep up to date on daycare closures and PD Days.  Please ensure before daycare closures that you know when daycare will reopen or send me a quick email/text before the closure to confirm.

Here’s to a great year!


December 13, 16
I am so sorry to switch the days daycare is open/closed during my vacation.  Sammy has an opportunity to potentially travel with We.  They have selected her as a possible canditate and she has had to say no to every We Day information session.  They called her yesterday and said there is another one in Orleans on the 26th.  I was initially thinking that I would have Tina as a back up as she is on stand by just in case Sammy needs any assistance, but then Tina can't start until 9:15 and Sammy has to be there by 9.  Then I thought it would inconvenience you less, if I closed daycare on the 26th (thursday) and open daycare on the 23rd (Monday) instead.  Hopefully everyone can accomodate the changes.

November 30, 16
It's getting close to that time of year where some families need to start planning their summer holidays.  If you have a preference, please let me know, I will do my best to accomodate.  Depending on Tom's boss (he has a new one), he may or may not be able to submit his leave pass until April to confirm when he can take his summer holidays.  I have placed tentative dates in the calendar and will keep you posted.

November 10, 16
Unless something changes between now and the trip.  The plan is for Sammy to keep daycare open 4 days out of the 7.   Carissia is on stand by for the Tuesday in case Sammy needs help, and Tina is on stand by for Wednesday and Thursday if Sammy needs help.  There will be no need for alternate caregiver paperwork to be signed, as Sammy will be the main caregiver :)

November 3, 16
Winter vacation has been booked and paid for!  We leave January 18th and return January 27th.  Daycare will be open for some of the week with Sammy as an alternate provider. 

September 22, 16
Winter vacay plans are underway.  Tentative dates in January have been put in the calendar.  Once we has been arranged and confirmed, then I will remove the tentative.  The plan right now is to have Sammy keep daycare open for a portion of the trip.

September 14, 16
It's going to be strange being a parent of two adult children but I am loving it already!  No more worries about high school, the girls can worry about college and jobs.  No more taking vacation around Sammy's dance schedule.  I have no idea when daycare will be closed next summer.  I really enjoyed the first two weeks of August, so maybe next year too? I will check in with all parents closer to December/January to see if anyone has any preferences. 

As my experienced daycare families know, I've been trying to take a winter vacation for years, it has just never worked for us.  2017 might be our year, we have free flights through our loving daughter Carissia.   We are looking at February or March and Sammy and or Carissia may be keeping daycare open for half the week.

I am slowly updating the calendar.  Although, life as a parent has slowed down only a little, especially since my newest baby requires lots of time and energy.   I have also filled the time with other hobbies and doing things that I have put off for years.  I am still hopeful for life slowing down, but for now, it's still full speed ahead.

April 5th, 16
Sammy's grad will be on the 29th of June.  It's currently marked as closed until Carissia lets me know if she will be working, attending grad, or keeping daycare open.

March 6, 16
Just realized that Sammy's graduation is this year!  The school still hasn't announed what day it is yet.  I suspect June 29th or 30th.  Depending on whether or not Carissia would like to attend will depend on whether or not daycare will be closed.  I don't have this date in the calendar yet, I will confirm dates as soon as the school announces it and Carissia decides if she will keep daycare open or attend graduation.

February 26, 16
I am so sorry I haven't confirmed summer yet.  Ok so what the plan is right now is to keep daycare open for most of Nationals in July.  I will use pd days and Carissia will hopefully be keeping daycare open 2 to 3 days.  Days daycare will be open will be confirmed in May when we know which days Carissia is off from the airport.  This will allow a normal 2 week summer vacay August 8th to 19th.  If I don't have enough pd days to cover the competitions, I will use summer closure days in July, reducing the days in August.

I'll keep the summer holidays as tentative just in case I do require more time off than I expect or Carissia isn't able to help out as much as we expect.  She is also hoping to apply for a full time position once her probation period is over in May, in which case daycare might be closed all of Nationals in July and only 1 week in August (the 2nd week). 

Tom is on course next week and will be submitting the leave request March 7th.  After that point I won't be able to change the planned weeks.  If you have a preference, please let me know asap.

January 8, 16
I will confirm daycare closures as soon as possible.  Does anyone have a preference for the summer? I'm hoping Tom will be able to confirm his summer leave soon, it will be difficult to change his leave once it is approved. 

November 5, 15
Please remember it's your responsibility to check the calendar to keep updated.  When I have time, I try to send updates via the daily journal, but it might not always be possible.  Within the calendar you will find daycare closures both tentative and confirmed.  I've also included some of our activities so that you have a feel for what we are doing each day.  I offer a flexible program which means that we may find ourselves enjoying a different activity than planned.  You may also find some notes on family events that may effect daycare or days where there may be an alternative caregiver.  Again, it's your responsibility to ensure that you know when there will be an alternate or changes to our schedule that will affect you.  The calendar is often developed several months in advance and updated regularly to keep you as informed as possible.  I wish I knew how to develop a reponsive website to make it easier for you to check the calendar on the go :(

June 17, 15
Finally after two crazy busy months, I have a few moments to get the calendar updated.  I have started to work on the fall calendar.  I haven't decided whether we will attend play group on Tuesday or Thursday yet, I won't know 10% until playgroup starts and we find out who is attening on what day.  The kiddies are getting older now and will be adding yoga back into our schedule :) 

April 21, 15
Please take a moment if you haven't already to check the notes under Sammy's dance notes to stay current with tentative closures.  Some of Sammy's schedules came in last night so I am able to start finalizing closures.

Sammy's summer camp work schedule came in last night and she is booked to work the two weeks we had initially planned for a family vacation :(  Working on new summer plans now.  Sammy works the second and third week in August and she has summer intensive the 4th week in August.  I am hoping that her schedule does not inconvenience daycare; I am already wondering how I am going to get her to and from dance.  August might be a challenging month.

Tom still has not received a posting message.  OutCan and Cost moves receive their messages before No Cost moves do.  I have friends who have already received their OutCan and Cost move posting messages started last week, so hopefully that means soon the No Cost moves message will be out.  Report dates for No Cost moves aren't apparently until July, so the military might be taking it's time to get them out.  Until Tom knows what unit he is posted to, he can't put in a leave pass.

Feb 24, 15
I will confirm summer holidays as soon as possible.  Unfortunately this year, Tom is due to be posted out of his current unit and we have to wait until April to know what new unit he will be going to.  With this unit change he cannot submit his summer leave request until we know who his new boss is going to be.  We may not be able to confirm until May.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will be sooner. I'll keep you posted.
~*~Summer Closures:
Please let me know as soon as you can if you have a preference for summer closure.  As soon as I have confirmation from Tom & Carissia's work, I will confirm summer closures.~*~

For new families:  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding navigation or the calendar
For allumni families:  Hopefully you like the new look!

Date Nights:  Please remember that date nights can be flexible if you have a prefered night.  Please try to let us know at least 1 week in advance if your child will be attending date night. 


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